Vincent Smith

Community OUTREACH DIRECTOR/ Founder

Vincent Smith played Running Back for University of Michigan Football and graduated in 2012 with a BA. Vincent is famous for a "game triple" - passing for a touchdown, rushing for a touchdown and catching a touchdown. Vincent is passionate about getting young people to eat healthy and take care of their neighborhoods.  Vincent works in Flint and visits Florida to teach about making healthy choices. In his spare time, Vincent is beginning to work with 2 Flint Community Elementary Schools. Eating vegetables reduces effects of lead poisoning. Vincent's favorite food is Okra with curry and coconut oil. He also likes soup and ginger tea with honey.


Martavious Odoms

Project Coordinator/ FOUNDER

Martavious Odoms played Wide Reciever for University of Michigan Football and graduated in 2012 with a BA. Martavious is faster than Denard Robinson and he beat him in a foot race after the Notre Dame night game. The press was there. Martavious teaches at the Pahokee Public School System and mentors youth. Martavious' favorite healthy food is ginger BBQ Tofu with brocolli or on a sandwich. He also likes smoothies and green juices with orange or tangerine juice.


Sonya Sutherland


Sonya Sutherland studied Film and Video at the University of Michigan and has a background in outdoor adventure education. Sonya has skills in informatics, graphic design and web development and a love for nature and the great outdoors. Sonya works with Vincent to engage community members and plan activities for the Flint Elementary Gardens and oversees the H.O.P.E. Learning Garden in Pahokee, Florida. Sonya loves vegetables except eggplant and swimming in the ocean.  Sonya also likes smoothies and green juices and artisinal drinking water.