Vincent Smith

Community OUTREACH DIRECTOR/ Founder

Vincent Smith graduated with and BA and played football for University of Michigan. Vincent likes getting young people to eat healthy and take care of their neighborhoods.  One thing that Vincent is great at is captivating kids attention by throwing a football over a street light and telling kids to eat their greens. Vincent's favorite food is Okra with curry and coconut oil. He also likes soup and ginger tea with honey.


Sarah Lewis


Sarah Lewis graduate with a BA from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Public Health from Harvard. Sarah loves synthesizing data, health initiatives, canoeing, flowers, and checking out music in Detroit. Sarah is great at connecting people and community building and also enjoys coconut water-date smoothies.


Sonya Sutherland


Sonya Sutherland graduate with a BA from the University of Michigan and has a background in outdoor adventure education. She loves vegetables, data, design, and has a never ending love for nature. Sonya’s favorite vegetable is Napa Cabbage and shhe also likes smoothies and artisanal drinking water.