Finding someone who knows how to garden (March 22, 2012)

Today I got a phone call from my friend who is helping me oversee the project.  She found someone to help us with our garden when we get ready to get started.  His name is Roger Horne and he works for Urban Greenworks in Miami, Florida.   He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has 2 masters, one in Public Health and one in Health Administration.  Roger runs a number of community gardens in Miami, including a prisoner garden, an at-risk youth garden, and a pre-school garden.   We are looking forward to talking with him about how we can help Pahokee.


Getting our shirts (February 28th, 2012)

We made a video to show about Pahokee and where we are at.  Pahokee is my hometown and it is in rural Florida.  It is a very violent place at times and we are excited to start changing things.  We printed shirts that have #Eating on them.  We are hoping fans will wear them and start spreading the word about what we are doing.  A lot of times people give up because when you start, your task might seem impossible.  My mom always told me I could do what ever I put my mind to.  Well, I put my mind to giving back to my community.  We are going to build a community garden.  I do not know how to garden but I do know that I have a lot of connections because of football so I am going to put the word and out find some help.  I know that if we all work together we can make #Eating a success.

Starting a project (January 15th, 2012)

Hello my name is Vincent Smith and I play for Michigan.  I wanted to use my fame from football to give back to my community so Martavious Odoms and I started to find people to help us with our goal.   We were looking at all the different options and learned about Detroit and their Urban Agriculture success.  A healthy diet is important and there are now grocery homes in our hometown of Pahokee, Florida.  We are going to do a community garden.

We came up with a project called #EATING.  The # sign stands for technology because we are going to use technology to connect with Alumni and Fans to make a great project and great impact.  We will be printing shirts as a fundraiser.