Our pilot #EATING project was the H.O.P.E. Garden. It is in our hometown of Pahokee, Florida. We are growing mangoes, guavas, berries, citrus, and starfruit. Youth that have court ordered hours are working to maintain the garden through out the seasons.



The H.O.P.E. gardens was made possible by fans and alumni of the University of Michigan. This is a team project where we just started out with the goal to plant a community garden in Pahokee, Florida.

The soil is rich and we worked with Roger Horne from Urban Greenworks in Miami to build and maintain this garden. We are growing food and teaching the young people in Pahokee about health and nutrition.


What we’ve accomplished:



We have planted over 20 fruit trees and many bushes and herbs. Members of the community are eating fresh fruit that they pick from the gardens. There is now an increase in the availability of fresh produce.



We have a court/probation component to the H.O.P.E. gardens. Young people with probation hours and court cases work to help maintain the crops and land. Hours in the garden count as rehabilitation and community service work hours determined by their probation officers.



We have created a safe place for young children to play. We also have different volunteer groups from different ages working together to maintain the garden space. Young people and senior citizens are working together on the garden project.