Hello this is Vincent Smith and this is my garden project

I played football for the University of Michigan and now I plant community gardens. I came to Michigan from a small town in Florida called Pahokee. 

Pahokee lacks access to fresh vegetables and there are no grocery stores. After I graduated I wanted to do something with my education to help my community make healthier choices.

In 2012 we started Team Gardens. With the help of Michigan Fans and Alumni we started construction in the summer of 2013. We transformed an empty lot into a fruit and herb green space for members of the community.

Now Pahokee citizens have access to fresh starfruit, tangerines, guavas, oranges, lemons, mulberries, bananas, and more. Pahokee was once the vegetable capital of the world and is known for its rich black soil also called "The Muck".

After success in Pahokee, we expanded north to Michigan and began working in Flint and Ann Arbor and now in Detroit.



Decrease in repeat offenses for participants in a garden program in Sandusky, Ohio.


Increase in positive outlook for participants of youth garden elementary school program.


Decrease in aggression at age 17 in young adults with diets rich in vitamins and minerals.